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Office Accessories Set

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Office Accessories Set

Whether you're studying, working, or relaxing, maintaining a tidy desk is crucial. The "Office Accessories Set" simplifies the task of keeping your desk organised.

The set includes:

1 x High Office Desk Organiser l TIMELESS

1 x Office Box with ten drawers l TIMELESS

1 x Set of Bookends 2pcs l SOHO

With the office desk organiser TIMELESS, decluttering your desk is a breeze. The office desk organiser features nine compartments for small and large items, such as pinboard needles, paper clips, erasers, pens, scissors, business cards, or even your smartphone.

The TIMELESS 10-drawer office box provides an elegant and efficient organisational system. You can categorise and have your documents readily available. Thanks to the interchangeable labelling fields that keep you informed about the contents of each drawer.

The set is completed with the SOHO 2-piece bookends, ensuring reliable support for books and other objects on the shelf - without worrying about anything toppling over. With a modern and stylish design, they seamlessly fit into any living area, regardless of the furnishing style.

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