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Storage Boxes Incl. Lid 44L l EVO EASY

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Color : Blue Horizon

Storage Box Incl. Lid 44L l EVO EASY

Rotho presents a dynamic storage option that allows you to effortlessly create order and sort various items within its generous 44-litre capacity. Ideal for both quick organisation and secure long-term storage, these boxes offer unparalleled flexibility. Maximise your space by stacking these boxes securely with the separately purchasable lid, creating a compact and orderly storage system.

The lid not only aids in stacking but also ensures the safe transportation of contents, with sturdy handles providing a secure grip. The transparent design of the EVO EASY box allows easy identification of contents, complemented by the option to attach labels for added convenience. Crafted from food-safe plastic that is free from harmful substances and BPA, this box is easy to clean and robust, making it a reliable choice for everyday use.

Item number: 1014206208WS