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32 Produkte

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Innovative Solutions for Rotho Kitchens


In vibrant kitchens, efficient waste management and systematic utensil organization are paramount. Proper disposal of packaging and organic waste is non-negotiable, and kitchen tools should be systematically arranged in containers. Employing diverse sets can categorize and instill order in your kitchen.


Invest in robust products crafted for the rigors of daily use, ensuring you effortlessly locate what you need. Delve into sustainable alternatives, thematically bundled into sets, all presented at an appealing price.


Economical Kitchen Collections


The array of kitchen offerings is extensive, yet choosing a reasonably priced set is a wise decision. Opt for containers of optimal size to maximize storage efficiency without wasting space. Rotho's plastic accessories, inclusive of lids, furnish pragmatic solutions across diverse categories:


Waste Bins: An array of bins for waste segregation is now a kitchen staple. Discover a cost-effective choice for disposing of packaging or food remnants. Whether with a swing lid or a pedal mechanism, these bins, available in stainless steel or plastic, make an immediate impression. Select a set aligning with your space and capacity requirements.

Storage Box: Pick your preferred box from the rattan, country, and sleek-colored surface collections. These boxes are perfect for stashing spices, kitchen implements, or even your beloved recipe books. With a Rotho set, arranging them in your kitchen becomes affordable and straightforward.

Bowls: Bowls for on-the-go use or seamless dish cleaning are crafted from durable plastic. Secure lids allow these practical items to stack, conserving valuable space.

Benefits of a Kitchen Set


You receive a cost-efficient bundle of products within a specific category, equipping your cabinets for all routine tasks. Furthermore, these sets furnish optimal storage solutions with varying capacities. Storing leftovers or displaying food on kitchen shelves becomes a hassle-free endeavor.


Reinforced lids facilitate space-saving stacking in the refrigerator. The premium plastic construction ensures straightforward, hygienic cleaning. Revel in a broad selection of bowls and boxes at a modest price with a Rotho set.