How to make your move stress-free

Planning and coordinating a move can be very stressful and nerve-racking. Tasks such as changing address and contract, visiting the furniture store and inspecting the construction site add up and take up time. When planning a move, it is important not to be discouraged by the numerous tasks: with the right and timely preparation it is possible to achieve the goal. Nothing stands in the way of the perfect start of the new four walls. Packing the boxes for the move is one of the points that takes the most time and is therefore often postponed. Whether it's time consuming or not, packing is important and with the right system you'll be able to quickly get things sorted into your new home.

Organizacja przeprowadzki
Organizacja przeprowadzki

Packing correctly means cleaning up beforehand. The less material you have to carry, the faster the move will be. Unpacking will also be much easier if you have eliminated the clutter. In this case, less is clearly more.

Today's consumer society has reached a current peak from which it is difficult to escape. In the most economically sound countries, we have practically grown up in this situation. As a result, objects accumulate in every house that we no longer need and that sooner or later we sell or dispose of again. It's not always our negligence. We often receive objects as gifts that we don't like, that perhaps we don't need and therefore we don't use. For this reason, before packing your bags it is a good idea to clean everything up.

Chowanie rzeczy podczas przeprowadzki
Chowanie rzeczy podczas przeprowadzki

First of all, establish which categories are no longer needed or are only minimally needed before the move. Whether it's books, seasonal clothes or the office, start decluttering there, so that everything you want to keep can be packed directly into a box. Always remember: start clearing early, but only piece by piece. Tackling too many things is usually counterproductive to motivation. In the meantime, however, be rigorous and clear away without thinking about "too much".

After deleting

Put the things you want to keep directly into a moving box, sorted by category. Label the boxes with their contents, so you can place them directly in the appropriate room when moving. This makes unpacking easier and gives you an optimal overview.

What happens to everything you no longer want? Often the thought of "throwing it away" makes us feel guilty. Of course, not everything needs to be thrown in the trash. Giving it away or selling it and even making money from it are modern alternative solutions.

Sposób na przeprowadzkę
Sposób na przeprowadzkę

Tidy up with a system

Basically, the quantity of objects in combination with the available options (e.g. shelves) determines how objects are stored in a practical, everyday and sustainable way:

  • Keep items from the same categories together in the same place
  • Arrange items according to frequency of use
  • For deep closets, use boxes to make items easier to reach. If you purchase containers, first measure the space intended for them.
  • Label the boxes
  • Observe the expiry dates for food and personal care products.

Moving boxes or plastic boxes?

Basically, moving boxes are quite sufficient. They are cheaper and can often be found for free as second-hand items. If you no longer need them after the move, you will surely find buyers. If you still want to keep them, they won't take up much space because they are foldable. However, we recommend that you think about what will go where in your new home. The folders that will go to the cellar should be collected directly in a plastic box where they can remain. It makes sense to put everything stored in a box into a box directly after clearing it out. This not only makes moving easier, but also makes it easier to enter the house.

A move is also a new opportunity

Your four walls should not oppress you or cause you stress. The more material things we possess, the more strength, time and energy they take away from us. Radical decluttering takes effort, but it feels great afterwards. Get rid of the ballast: the perfect start to your new home.

Plastikowe pudełka do przeprowadzki
Plastikowe pudełka do przeprowadzki