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Collection: Laundry basket

Find the optimal laundry bin!

Laundry bags, laundry baskets or laundry bins: the market is full of products for storing, sorting and transporting laundry. Laundry bins must be stable, have an elegant appearance and have sufficient capacity for your needs. And of course the price must be right too. But which item and which brand really fits into your everyday life?


  1. What should you look for in laundry sorters?
    1. Lifespan of the laundry basket
    2. Hygiene
    3. Laundry bin with or without lid?
  2. Laundry bin with or without lid?
    1. Brisen
    2. Country
    3. Flowers
  3. Your advantages with Rotho
  4. Laundry bins: how to use them?
    1. Laundry basket in every room
    2. One or more laundry bins in one place
    3. 3 tips for sorting your laundry
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What are the things to look for in laundry containers?

Wearing clothes, sorting, washing, ironing... laundry constantly accompanies us in everyday life. It is especially annoying when our laundry system is not well thought out. Laundry bins must be practical, meet our needs, last a long time and make our lives easier, just like all household products. There are thousands of laundry baskets on the market - but what should you really look for when choosing an item?

Lifespan of the laundry basket

Finding the right laundry basket is not always easy. But once you find the right item, the product must also last a long time. The material of the design is very important: whether it is bamboo, fabric or plastic, the material must be of high quality - after all, we want to get something from this product for a long time. For our production we have chosen plastic materials. They are durable, resistant and easy to clean. Furthermore, they allow you to produce laundry baskets in a wide variety of colours, designs and shapes.


Worn linen is dirty and bacteria and viruses are also found on dirty linen. Hygiene is therefore also very important for laundry baskets. For this reason the material must be easy to clean. Plastic, as in the case of Rotho laundry baskets, for example, can be cleaned easily, unlike materials such as bamboo or fabric. Furthermore, it is useful for the inside of the laundry boxes to be well ventilated, so that bad odors, such as those coming from damp clothes, cannot develop.

Laundry bin with or without lid?

With or without lid? An important question when choosing the chest of drawers for linen. The advantages of a lid: greater visual order and protection from bad smells. An open laundry container, on the other hand, is easier to fill to the brim.

Our range of laundry containers

Whether you are single, a couple or a large family, you will surely find the right products in our online shop. Our product lines in the "Laundry bins" category:


With the BRISEN 50 l laundry container from Rotho, you can now safely store your laundry until it is washed. Thanks to its size, you won't notice if you don't wash for a few days, because with 50 l the capacity is enough even for a family of several people. The integrated handles make it easy to carry both when full and empty. The lid ensures that no unpleasant odors escape, but still provides sufficient ventilation for your laundry. The Rotho binder is a valid alternative to the laundry basket. Regardless of where it is placed, it always looks tidy when dirty laundry is placed inside after being transported and the lid is simply closed.


The COUNTRY laundry basket can hold up to 55 l of laundry and is extremely space-saving thanks to its narrow shape and height. Its perforated rattan structure has an elegant and modern appearance, while ensuring air circulation on all four sides and therefore greater hygiene. Two ergonomic side handles allow you to easily transport the container. The low dead weight and the high-quality finish, free of corners and edges, of the laundry container ensure optimal comfort and functionality. The COUNTRY Laundry Binder is available in various attractive colors to match any living environment. With this household helper you can collect your dirty laundry in a discreet and space-saving way!


The FLOWERS laundry container has a capacity of 55 l and is made of high-quality, robust plastic. It features a removable lid with flip and swing function. The two integrated carrying handles make it easy to transport the basket, while the openings on the lid and base ensure ventilation of the contents. The floral decorative pattern visually enhances the laundry basket and distinguishes it from traditional baskets. This practical helper for the home is available in different color variations: bring a breath of fresh air into your bathroom and collect dirty laundry in a discreet and space-saving way!

Your advantages with Rotho

Swiss quality and elegant design

Our company originates in Switzerland and our quality standards also come from here. We offer Swiss quality at an unbeatable price. In fact, we are so confident in the quality of our laundry baskets that we offer a 20-year guarantee. It goes without saying that our products are free from harmful substances such as BPA. Sustainability is also a priority for us: we increasingly use recycled materials and renewable energy in our production and ensure we use as little packaging as possible during delivery. Furthermore, our products are completely recyclable.

Wide choice of laundry baskets and bins in our online shop

With or without lid, with different capacities, designs and colours: our range is wide and you will be spoiled for choice. Do you want to get an idea of ​​our range? Take a look at our online shop.

Free shipping and returns

With us you won't have to wait long to get your laundry bin or basket: in a few working days you will receive our products at your home. And above all, delivery is completely free for orders over 50 euros. Does your laundry basket or laundry bin not meet your expectations? No problem, we will also pay the return shipping costs. On our website we have listed the conditions for free returns of online orders.

Customer service is at your disposal

Do you have questions or need help? Our customer service is at your disposal! Just write us a message.

Laundry bins: how to use them?

Before choosing a laundry basket or laundry bin, ask yourself the question: how do I want to organize my dirty laundry? There are certainly dozens of ways to do this: every family has different needs. There are two most popular methods: a laundry basket in the bedrooms or one or more laundry bins in a central location in the home.

Laundry basket in every room

This method is particularly suitable for families: A laundry basket in each bedroom or children's room to collect dirty clothes directly on site. If the family is particularly diligent, two laundry baskets can also be placed in the rooms at the same time: this way children can learn to divide dirty laundry according to light and darkness, for example. When the laundry baskets are full, they can simply be transported to the laundry.

The advantage of this method is that there is less mess in the individual rooms, because it is no longer necessary to go to the laundry basket in the bathroom or cellar every day. So that the laundry baskets do not get in the way, they can also be placed in the respective wardrobe. It is best to use a laundry bin with a lid, so that bad odors are protected from the outside world.

One or more laundry containers in one location

Another very popular method is to place one or more laundry bins in a single room. For example, the bathroom, where it is easier to leave dirty clothes. A single collection point allows you to have a quicker overview of the waiting linen. Furthermore, you save time because you don't have to collect dirty laundry in every room. Using multiple laundry bins is especially helpful and saves time. This way you can sort your clothes by color right from the start, keep track of them and have less work the next time you do laundry. Instead of portable laundry baskets, laundry baskets with lids are more suitable. Lockable laundry baskets also bring a little more order and hygiene to the room.

3 tips for sorting your laundry

  1. Sort your laundry now:

Do you sometimes put off washing because sorting laundry bothers you? Then this trick will help you: use different laundry baskets and sort the clothes into the appropriate basket immediately after removing them, for example according to light and dark colours. When the laundry bin is full, simply take the collected dirty clothes to the washing machine and throw them in. A super time saver!

  1. Carry out the preliminary operations during harvesting:

Emptying pockets, zipping up zippers and turning clothes inside out are all things you can do while sorting them into laundry bins, saving a fair amount of time.

  1. Keep categories as small as possible

When sorting laundry, you should use as few categories as possible: dividing into dark, light and delicate laundry is usually sufficient. In this way, not only will we need less time, but we will also be able to completely fill the washing machine and therefore save energy.

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