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Collection: Cat litter

Elevate Pet Hygiene with Rotho's Litter Solution

Devoted pet parents often regard their four-legged companions as cherished family members, desiring to bestow upon them a myriad of creature comforts.


Simplifying life with pets and lightening your caregiving load can be achieved through a thoughtfully designed litter box. Tailored with the right cat litter and a sheltered enclave, cats find these spaces exceptionally inviting. The Rotho plastic litter box delivers a straightforward, hygienic remedy for indoor cats, creating a neat and peaceful refuge.

Efficient Feline Facilities in a Litter Nook

Opting for a Rotho litter box endows your cat with an enchanting sanctuary for their needs. A comfortable space significantly eases pet training. With the Rotho litter box, you'll appreciate the uncomplicated upkeep it facilitates. Regular litter changes and a bit of extra care or treats swiftly teach cats to use the litter box, optimizing your success.


Enjoy these benefits:

  • Simplified Cleaning: Crafted from plastic, this pragmatic product features a smooth, repellent surface, streamlining litter box maintenance. The litter remains inviting for the cats, ensuring each visit is comfortable.
  • Effortless Entry: The swing door and hood provide cats with privacy while ensuring easy access. This design also benefits you by seamlessly fitting into your living environment compared to an open litter box.
  • Odor-Neutralizing Activated Carbon Filter: This functional feature ensures the litter box can be peacefully integrated into your home. Odor issues are eliminated, enhancing your cleaning experience.

Streamlined Daily Routines with a Litter Oasis

Beyond its primary functionality, the Rotho litter box presents additional advantages. Crafted from durable plastic, it becomes portable and resilient to minor impacts from a cat.


The easily navigable swing door and the spacious area beneath the hood provide a luxurious feel — coupled with the deep lower shell, even when filled with cat litter, it offers cats an instinctive, familiar posture for lurking. Transportation is hassle-free, thanks to the provided handles. A designated scoop for cat litter cleaning can be conveniently stored on the Rotho product itself, ensuring all you need is within easy reach.