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Collection: Cat litter

Animal hygiene thanks to Rotho litter

Many pet owners consider their four-legged companion as a member of the family and want to fill him with all kinds of items. But you can make everyday life with your pet a little easier. Reduce your workload with a cat litter box. Gently lined with appropriate litter and thanks to a screened niche, cats feel truly comfortable. The plastic cat tray offers a simple solution regarding pet hygiene in an apartment and a quiet place for your cat.

Cat litter with great functionality

If you decide to buy a cat litter box, you will offer your cat a lovely refuge for its urgent needs. And with a small feel-good area, it is also much easier to train your animal housemate. Thanks to the Rotho product, you can benefit from a simple way of dealing with this situation. By constantly changing the litter box and presenting a small special element in the form of attention or treats, cats quickly learn to use the litter box. Experience maximum success with cat litter and benefit from the following benefits:

  • ease of cleaning - This pragmatic plastic product offers a smooth and repellent surface, so cleaning the litter box does not require much effort. Even the filling with litter therefore remains pleasantly in your layering, the cats feel comfortable with every walk.
  • Simple entry - cats have an alcove on one side and completely simple access to the litter box on the other, thanks to the hinged door and hood. You too can benefit from this protection, which integrates better into the environment you live in than an open litter box with litter.
  • Odor-inhibiting activated carbon filter - Thanks to this functional aid, you can integrate your cat litter box into your own four walls with complete peace of mind. Thanks to this element, areas with annoying odors are a thing of the past. It also makes cleaning the litter box more pleasant.

Easy daily life with cat litter

Rotho's cat litter offers other useful benefits beyond its basic functionality. First of all, it is made of sturdy plastic, which makes it easier to transport the litter. Furthermore, it easily resists small mechanical shocks, which can be caused by a cat. The swing door, easily usable by the animal, and the large space under the hood can be considered almost a luxury for the four-legged cohabitant. Furthermore, this item from Rotho is equipped with a deep bottom tray. Even if lined with cat litter, lying cats find themselves in a familiar position and lurking according to their instinct. Simply transport the litter box to its new location - the included handles make this task a breeze. Furthermore, it is possible to store the relevant scoop for cleaning the litter box directly on the Rotho product.