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Collection: Office drawers and trays

Rotho Filing Mastery for Streamlined Document Control


In a workday's span, a desk can devolve into a chaotic mound of papers. Despite striving for separate stacks, your office would gain significantly from an advanced filing system. Organize with precision using a sorting station and assign individual drawers for documents and files utilizing a Rotho plastic drawer box. Implementing this system guarantees swift access and the clarity required for efficient task completion.


Exceptional Harmony: Rotho's Pragmatic Storage Solutions


Simplify daily tasks by establishing distinct filing systems for diverse projects. This drawer serves as an extensive storage solution for documents, papers, and performs admirably as a letter tray.


Exploit the transparent archiving capabilities of the filing system, elevating your workday with these attributes:


Space Utilization: Rotho's plastic filing systems empower you to forge a contemporary, vertical archive. Optimize desk space while categorizing a multitude of documents. These products also simplify the organization of daily incoming and outgoing paper and mail.

Directional Clarity: Utilize diverse colors for the shelves, establishing a unique thematic order in your workspace. Swiftly categorize correspondence, contract documents, and notes with ease.

Tailored Dimensions: Customize your organizational approach to fit your needs with multi-level options, varying widths and heights, and stackable alternatives.

Large sorting stations boast a foundational frame with interchangeable shelves, allowing rapid replacement of entire subjects without extended searches or hassle during responsibilities transfer. Additionally, labeled tabs on the letter tray foster clear communication among employees. Thus, documents are always effortlessly located in the correct project folders within your Rotho filing system.