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Collection: Pet food containers

Rotho pet food containers offer optimal storage capacity.

Naturally you want to do everything you can for your pet. What begins with affection and sufficient exercise continues with food for your pet. Pet food containers with lids offer a compact option for species-appropriate food storage or, as waste containers, for easy disposal. Whether in the kitchen or in the cupboard, plastic items know how to reveal the optimal feeder for food in the appropriate appearance.

The best food accessories for your pet

If you live with a happy pet by your side, then you can provide your two or four-legged friend with the best food possible thanks to pet food containers. Different needs require different features. Choose the Fresh products best suited to your needs:

  • Dimensions - Depending on the pet, the dimensions of Rotho pet food containers vary. Plastic items can hold from 0.2 to 50 litres. Small cereals and pieces of dry food, which require a lot of space, can be stored optimally. Space saving storage.
  • Lid - Sealable containers keep food components crisp. Likewise, the Fresh pet food container from Rotho protects the food from moisture, so Fresh lives up to its name. Hinged lids allow you to pour bird food easily. Alternatively, lids with a push mechanism make it easier to take out large quantities.
  • Allocation: You will receive offers for single or connected pet food containers. Thanks to this functionality, these items are even better suited to your individual needs and storage space.

Use Rotho pet food containers suitable for different species

For ideal storage, use pet food container models - tailored to your needs. Small boxes or large containers allow for optimal supply and simple storage in the kitchen. The lids allow for easy access and secure closure. High-performance plastic determines the quality of Rotho's Fresh products. Thanks to the printed look with animal images, confusion between individual objects is also avoided. The sturdy handle or carrying handle makes it easier to transport the containers, which are sometimes full. Additionally, you can also use one of these pet food containers as a food scraps bin. Make the life of your four-legged friend within your four walls particularly pleasant in an epicurean sense thanks to the accessories from Rotho.