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Collection: Pet food bowls

Rotho Pet Dining: Elevating Your Companion's Culinary Experience

Forge a gastronomic haven with Rotho's fitting dining bowls. Positioned in consistent spots, these bowls offer assurance to your pets regarding their vital life force and nutritional sanctuaries. Furthermore, assigning a bowl for sporadic treats and rewards adds richness to your pet's lifestyle.


Captivate the affection of your furry companions with the perfect gear for dogs and cats.

Rotho's Collection of Animal Feed Bowls

Systematically placing the food bowl in the same spot aids your dog or cat in finding sustenance when hungry, simplifying their feeding ritual. The functional design of Rotho's feed bowls makes the daily task of feeding effortless. Serve your pet with an array of dehydrated or moist nourishment - Rotho feeding bowls are versatile for all feeding needs.


Indulge in the benefits of these bowls' distinctive characteristics:

  • Composition: It's essential that feeders are constructed from durable materials. Both stainless steel and plastic are resistant to damage from paws, teeth, and other mechanical impacts.
  • Structure: Choose between individual or double Rotho pet bowls based on whether your pets come from the same lineage or coexist harmoniously. A dual-compartment plastic bowl can simultaneously accommodate both parent and offspring. Opt for a feeding bowl with a capacity ranging from 0.5 to 2.2 liters.
  • Efficiency: Stability is pivotal for feeding bowls, especially when spirited dogs approach. Non-slip bowls are advisable. An elevation-adjustable stainless steel bowl offers additional flexibility, typically adjustable in three stages.

The Optimal Rotho Dish for Every Pet

Dogs and cats can be particular, and sometimes, the feeding dish may endure being nudged or spurned. In such instances, opt for a plastic dish indoors, while a stainless steel dish suits outdoor use. Rest assured that Rotho's feeding dishes are non-toxic and nutrition-safe, adhering to stringent quality standards. This ensures a secure and wholesome dining environment for dogs and cats, featuring easy cleaning and remarkable durability. Serve your energetic dogs or playful cats at set meal times. Choose a high-quality feeding dish in stainless steel or plastic based on your specific requirements.