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Collection: Pet food bowls

Rotho's feeding bowls are a feeding station for your pet.

A pet feels comfortable with you if you take care of him or her in a considerate way. Among four-legged friends, such as dogs and cats, this includes feeding them fresh, nutritious food. Use the appropriate bowls from Rotho to ensure a paradise of delicious flavours. Positioned in fixed points, the animals know the safety of your important supply of energy and ingredients. Offer your roommate a bowl for even the rarest treats and treats. With such a sign from you, you will get additional joys for the pet. Win the heart of your animal companion with the right accessories for dogs and cats.

Rotho offers various baby food bowls

If you always place the food bowl in the same place, dogs and cats will know how to immediately go to the right place when they get hungry. Therefore, keep the food bowl simple and constant. The functional handle of the food bowl ensures that you can carry out daily feeding tasks completely easily. Spoil your cat/dog with a variety of dry or wet foods: Rotho bowls are suitable for all uses. Take advantage of the different properties of these articles:

  • Material - Bowls must be made of shatterproof material. Stainless steel and plastic have properties that are not easily damaged by paws, teeth and other mechanical influences.
  • Structure - Decide whether to choose separate or double bowls from Rotho. This depends on whether the animals are from the same litter or generally get along well. A double bowl plastic bowl can also feed parents and children at the same time. Choose a bowl with a capacity between 0.5 and 2.2.
  • Functionality - A food bowl must remain stable, even when the dog sits down to eat. For this reason, non-slip bowls are a good choice. Likewise, a height-adjustable bowl, made of stainless steel, reveals greater flexibility in the three steps.

The right Rotho bowl for every pet

Dogs and cats are picky eaters, sometimes the food bowl has to resist rejection and sliding on the floor. For this reason, you mainly opt for a plastic bowl inside the house, while a stainless steel bowl can also be used outside without hesitation. Guarantee your four-legged daily companions a pollutant-free and food-safe food thanks to tested quality. A Rotho plastic food bowl guarantees you a safe environment for healthy feeding of dogs and cats. At the same time, these items for dogs and other four-legged friends are characterized above all by their ease of cleaning and impressive break resistance. Spoil your playful dogs or cats at set times. A high-quality stainless steel or plastic bowl can be chosen according to your needs.