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Collection: Containers and measuring jars

Rediscover Kitchen Harmony with Rotho Storage and Shakers


Be it your inaugural abode, a relocation endeavor, or a quest for culinary equilibrium, Rotho's storage containers emerge as the swift solution. Essential for aficionados of well-stocked kitchens, these containers adeptly restore order to cupboards, refrigerators, and drawers.


No more eyesores of plastic packaging; these containers reclaim space while shielding your inventory. Armed with aroma-sealing lids, they stand guard against moisture and intruders like food moths, preserving the zest of staples like rice and pasta in these airtight bastions.

Elevated Order and Culinary Bliss


Storage containers, at their essence, are choreographers of order in your culinary realm, transforming cooking and recipe explorations into delightful experiences. Transparent companions reveal the contents, streamlining both shopping and arrangement. Whether concealed in cabinets or showcased on shelves, these containers not only impose order but also elevate the visual allure of spices and dry goods.


Our array introduces diverse options. The LOFT Premium container, a paragon of simplicity and timeless design, shape-shifts in size and color. Transparent like its kin, this jar variety, when procured as a set of five from our online emporium, revolutionizes your kitchen storage with panache.

Diversity in Storage, from Round to Fresh Harvest Solutions


For devotees of round storage, the CRISTALLO series extends an invitation. Optimal preservation for fresh produce, like fruits and vegetables, discovers a companion in the Dynamic Box FRESH, fortified with a built-in filter for an extended shelf life.


These glimpses merely allude to our extensive repertoire of storage containers and shakers. Whether for dry goods, spices, or recently harvested delights, our online sanctuary is primed to furnish fair-priced, tailored solutions.

The Plastic Advantage in Our Storage Ensemble


Exclusive to plastic, our storage containers and shakers epitomize lightweight allure, affordability, transparency, and robust durability. BPA-free and gastronomically safe, this material harmonizes ease with functionality. Many in our plastic collection joyously embrace dishwasher life, championing the cause of effortless cleansing.


In brief:


Food shielded from moisture and intruders like food moths.

Flavor preserved, ensuring enduring freshness.

Space economized, especially through the art of stacking.

A crystal-clear view of your culinary arsenal through transparent designs.