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Collection: Kitchen accessories

Rotho's helpers for easier cooking

Seven different dishes must be prepared on the dining room table seven days a week. Help can be good and expensive for the amateur cook. With the appropriate kitchen gadgets from Rotho, you can secure small, lightweight kitchen helpers that really make cooking easier. In the kitchen helper set, you will find all kinds of useful accessories for various kitchen tasks - and all this at an affordable price.

Finding the right kitchen gadgets

As with the choice of cutlery and service, when purchasing kitchen gadgets it is also possible to choose between different materials. When choosing your Rotho set, decide between the following selections to give you an effective hand in the kitchen:

  • Basic - Spoons of all types and spatulas in different designs are available. For medium kitchen tasks, you will find your support here.
  • Advanced - In addition to the classic spaghetti spoon, whisk and soup ladle, in this bundle you will find graters, various peelers and potato mashers for your kitchen. Decide between the different offers from Rotho.
  • Sets - Use the wide range of different kitchen gadgets. Choose small packs for small daily menus or special kitchen tools for large gala dinners. Now you have all the tools you need in one solution.

When choosing products, make sure they are suitable for the dishwasher or opt for constant manual cleaning. Rotho's kitchen gadget sets allow you to playfully handle almost all foods and dishes. Use the variety of these pragmatic items from Rotho to master individual dishes and challenging kitchen tasks.

Comfort in the kitchen

Treat yourself to a little luxury when cooking with Rotho products and never flip a pancake with a knife or spoon again: Spatulas in different designs now offer you great comfort. Simplify your kitchen service thanks to flexible and resistant plastic. Furthermore, the smooth surfaces clean quickly and reliably. Save important time when cooking and washing dishes thanks to the excellent kitchen helpers. The cost-effective sauce bowls and ladles also offer you simple preparation and simple arrangement on the plate. If you decide to buy a Rotho kitchen utensil set, you will already find the right place thanks to a hanging bar. Shipping of items is free.