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Collection: Kitchen accessories

Rotho's Cooking Ensemble


Envision creating seven distinct dishes for the dining table, every day of the week. For the home chef facing such tasks, invaluable assistance is readily available and need not be extravagant.


With Rotho's assortment of kitchen aids, access compact and efficient tools that genuinely streamline cooking. Our kitchen helper sets equip you with a variety of practical accessories for diverse kitchen tasks, all at a pocket-friendly price.

Selecting the Ideal Kitchen Instruments

Just as you thoughtfully choose cutlery and dinnerware, the material of your kitchen utensils is pivotal. When deciding on your Rotho set, contemplate the following options to enhance your kitchen efficiency:

  • Basic: A variety of spoons and spatulas in different designs are available for standard kitchen tasks. Find your essential support here.
  • Advanced: This collection extends to include indispensable tools like spaghetti spoons, whisks, and soup ladles, along with graters, peelers, and mashers. Explore Rotho's diverse offerings to meet your kitchen needs.
  • Set: Embrace the complete array of kitchen tools, whether you're preparing simple daily meals or extravagant dinner parties. With one comprehensive set, all the necessary tools are at your fingertips.


When making choices, consider whether products are dishwasher-safe or if you prefer handwashing. Rotho's kitchen gadgets in sets empower you to handle virtually any food or dish. Harness the versatility of these pragmatic Rotho items to conquer routine recipes and complex culinary challenges.

Ease in the Kitchen

Enhance your cooking experience with Rotho products and bid farewell to improvising with a knife or spoon for flipping pancakes—spatulas in various designs now provide you utmost convenience. The flexible and robust plastic makes managing your kitchen tools easier, while smooth surfaces ensure swift and thorough cleaning.


Optimal kitchen aids save you precious time during both cooking and cleanup. Bowls and gravy ladles, reasonably priced, facilitate effortless food preparation and elegant plating.