Laundry and home care
Laundry and home care
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Collection: Laundry and home care

Laundry Tubs and Bins: Home Essential Aides

Essential for tackling the formidable heaps of soiled laundry, laundry tubs and bins play a pivotal role at home. With their abundant capacity and durable build, plastic laundry bins emerge as ideal companions for the collection, sorting, and transit of both grimy and freshly laundered clothes.


These containers transcend their primary utility, transforming into versatile household tools, seamlessly adaptable as storage units for toys, tools, and sundry items, effectively averting clutter and tripping hazards. Rotho presents laundry bins at competitive prices, inviting you to build up your supplies and relish substantial savings through volume discounts.


Laundry Bin vs. Laundry Collector: Discerning Traits

Economical laundry receptacles showcase diversity in shape, size, and style, each meticulously crafted for specific demands. Laundry collectors and sorters prove indispensable in bathrooms, bedrooms, and children's rooms, or any place where clothes tend to accumulate on the floor. Slim, towering models fit snugly into compact spaces while accommodating sizable laundry loads. Ventilated bins, equipped with lids, discreetly conceal laundry while mitigating undesirable odors. Stylish alternatives encompass nylon mesh bins emulating rattan aesthetics for a trendy appeal or bins with washable fabric liners.


Rotho's assortment boasts intricately woven bins in various colors, from sleek white or black for a minimalist allure to vibrant hues for a burst of vibrancy. In contrast to most collectors, laundry tubs or chests adopt an open, low-profile design, crafted to slide beneath a washing machine door and conveniently stack when not in use.


Advantages of Plastic Laundry Bins

Rotho's plastic laundry bins simplify the effortless transport of clothing to the washing machine. Sturdy enough for wet and dry loads, yet surprisingly lightweight and easy to carry. Engineered to navigate through narrow doorways and staircases, our bins and tubs feature smoothly rounded handles on multiple sides, eliminating sharp corners or edges. Comfortable to carry by hand or under an arm.


Thanks to high-quality, odor-resistant materials, these bins are easy to clean with just a damp cloth. Our woven-look bins, especially, boast low-maintenance qualities, as synthetic rattan cleans hassle-free. For added hygiene, some opt for a washable laundry sack inside their bin, simplifying transport to the laundry machine without moving the entire bin.


Stalwart Quality: Rotho's Laundry Solutions

Rotho introduces premium, enduring laundry solutions. We prioritize the ecological and health safety of our materials, scrupulously avoiding harmful substances like BPA. Designed to effortlessly meld functionality with a stylish flair, our laundry bins come in numerous designs and colors.


Whether you seek an elegant white bin for a designer bathroom or a lively, colorful option for a child's room, our selection caters to all tastes. Thinking of acquiring multiple bins? Revel in our attractive tiered volume discounts!