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Collection: Fridge and freezer containers

Cans for refrigerator and freezer

Opened packages cannot be stored in the refrigerator. Because there's nothing worse than a coffee cream that smells like cured meats! Luckily, there's a proven way to avoid these problems: the good old refrigerator jar. In it, cured meats and cheeses, fruit, baby food or leftovers from the Sunday roast are stored well and, above all, odor-proof, so that they still taste good even days later and don't have to end up in the bin. Smells and flavors stay where they belong - in the food - instead of escaping into the refrigerator. In addition to fresh food containers, freezer containers are also a must for modern families. They allow you to stock up cheaply and prepare fresh dishes in a short time, even after a long day at work. In addition to a wide range of kitchen accessories for your home, Rotho offers you a wide selection of freshness containers and freezing containers from high-quality brands that will help you deal with refrigerator chaos once and for all.

How to recognize a good food container

Are you looking for a quality container that is cheap but not cheap? A high-quality refrigerator box for deli meats and other foods should be food-safe and free of harmful substances (such as BPA). Since Rotho products are made from environmentally friendly and pollutant-free materials, you can use our baby food fridge and freezer boxes without hesitation. A reliable and airtight locking system is also important. Rotho food containers, for example, are equipped with a proven snap closure that not only closes securely, but can also be reopened effortlessly, even after prolonged use. All products can be washed hygienically in the dishwasher without becoming deformed or showing unsightly scratches. Thanks to the smooth and perfectly finished surfaces, our fresh food boxes do not absorb odors. If the sausage box is not used, it can be stored in the kitchen cupboard to save space: All product and format variants are coordinated with each other, so the sausage boxes are stackable.

The stackable box as an ideal container for cured meats

Is your refrigerator always too full? It simply becomes a stackable box: especially in families made up of several people, it is ideal for storing cured meats and cheeses in the refrigerator if the refrigerator boxes are stackable. With the help of a stackable box, you can store different types of cured meats separately from each other, but always in an extremely space-saving way: Each container also becomes the lid of the box below. This system also makes the fridge box an ideal lunch container, if you want to transport different foods separately. Stackable cold cuts boxes are therefore not only appreciated by gourmets, but by all those who often eat small meals while traveling or in the office.

Tips for storing meats and cheeses in the refrigerator

Many foods are cheaper when purchased in large quantities. Unfortunately, good supplies are often "forgotten" in the refrigerator at home and then have to be thrown away. A simple tip to avoid this annoying problem is to use a transparent box: this way you can see at a glance what's in the cured meat box without having to open the lid. If newly purchased foods are consistently placed at the back of the refrigerator, supplies are less likely to be neglected. A fixed order of the refrigerator is also useful: if you assign a fixed place to the cold cuts, cheese and dairy boxes, you will always have perishable foods in sight. Frozen foods are less likely to spoil quickly, but even in the freezer it is worth keeping things in order so you don't lose sight of them. Another tip: use square freezer boxes to make the most of the space in the freezer.

Fridge cans: attractive prices and quantity discounts

Whether stackable fridge boxes, universal boxes or freezer boxes for baby food, it doesn't matter: At Rotho, it pays to buy several quality boxes in one go. This way you can benefit from staggered quantity discounts and purchase your food storage boxes at a particularly advantageous price. Furthermore, the products are coordinated in shapes and sizes: this is why all the cured meat boxes and fridge boxes are stackable and save space in the fridge and in the warehouse. Don't worry about spoiled food or odors in your refrigerator anymore and get some low-cost food storage boxes today!