Diventa parte della nostra visione Zero Waste


    We have been operating our business responsibly and in harmony with the environment since its inception in 1889, so sustainability is more than just a passing fad for us.

    At Rotho, economic success is inextricably linked to environmental and social responsibility. It is critical that we continue to think about sustainability year after year and align it with the major developments of our time.

    Sustainability is a journey, and our goal is to reach a point where it is self-evident. Our “zero-waste vision” rests on four pillars of our company strategy, the foundation of which is a commitment to sustainability.


    We currently see major developments in these six areas:
  • As a plastics manufacturer, we are committed to using climate-neutral, high-quality plastics and using resources responsibly.

    Sustainability is not a trend for us. As early as 2009, we laid the foundation for using recycled materials with the Müli waste bin and the first Paso. All of our products are already 100% recyclable.


    • In 2023, 38% of products were made from recycled material
    • All of our products are 100% recyclable
    • Good plastics: no use of harmful additives like BPA
    • Awarded sustainability certificates, including the Blue Angel and Ecoloop

    TARGET BY 2030

    By 2030, we will be using recycled and environmentally neutral plastics throughout our entire production process, all of which will be 100% recyclable after use.

  • Our corporate culture has a 130-year tradition and is based on extensive expertise in the industry. We develop, produce and distribute high-quality and durable solutions for your home. Our products ensure that your belongings stay clean, fresh and durable for longer. We are convinced of the durability of our products and offer a 20-year guarantee.


    • Durable products with a 20-year guarantee
    • Thanks to their timeless design, our products remain modern even after many years
    • Our products help to keep personal belongings (e.g. Evo Total Protection) protected, food (e.g. Fresh Dynamic Box) fresh for longer and therefore save money in the long term. That's why we call it Zero Waste of Money.

    TARGET BY 2030

    We continue to develop products that support our customers in their everyday lives. Our focus will increasingly be on long-life concepts that have a positive effect on the environment and the wallet.

  • Sustainable action has a high priority at Rotho. We continue to consistently use renewable energy sources. We have a long-term energy management system that we use to improve our energy efficiency


    • 100% green electricity in all our production plants
    • Photovoltaic systems in five out of six locations and on more than half of our roofs
    • Heat recovery for heating the building
    • Motion detectors, light measurement and the use of LED lamps
    • Energy management system with regular checks
    • Machines that are up to date and subject to the best energy consumption requirements

    TARGET BY 2030

    • Photovoltaic systems in all company offices
    • Energy savings thanks to fully digitalized processes

    • Energy saving thanks to the mobility concept

  • Our corporate culture is based on mutual respect, openness, the "joy factor" and responsibility. Our values guide all of our actions, decisions, and behaviors. The value of joy plays a central role in our company, which is supported with concrete actions within the company and from there is communicated externally through our products, services and social activities. Spreading joy is a part of our understanding of social sustainability.


    • We pride ourselves on a customer satisfaction rating of 4.8/5 stars on trustedshops.de. We achieve this high rating through high-quality products, optimized online purchase processing, fast delivery times and uncomplicated customer service communication.
    • As a family company with flat hierarchies and respect for our employees, we value a positive working atmosphere.

    TARGET BY 2030

    • Integration of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2026
    • By 2024, we will establish a strategy for our corporate culture in which both sustainability and social responsibility issues such as health are anchored
    • We create a corporate culture in which everyone feels welcome, accepted and valued. A culture that values the old and develops the new. A culture of joy that brings people from different backgrounds together and promotes internationality
  • We rely on sustainable packaging solutions both stationary and online. New concepts, materials and innovations to find a sustainable solution for packaging material and to reduce it as much as possible.

    Our shipping packaging already consists of at least 85% recycled material and is 100% recyclable.


    • Our product and shipping packaging is made from at least 85% recycled material material and are 100% recyclable
    • Launch of a new, sustainable packaging strategy for online shipping by:
    1. Space-saving packaging
    2. Avoiding laminated boxes
    3. Creative solutions and inspiration for further use of the box
    4. Complete renunciation of foil for B2C shipping


    • Launching a sustainable product packaging strategy and implementing recycled packaging material for POS implementation by 2024
    • By 2030 our product packaging will be made from 100% recycled material
  • We are facing enormous environmental challenges today and are tackling them with vigour. We have therefore committed to submitting targets that are in line with climate science to the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi).


    • Partnership with ClimatePartner
    • Calculating CO₂ emissions
    • Creating a reduction plan for CO₂ emissions
    • We have committed ourselves to submitting targets that are in line with climate science to the Science Based Targets Initiative

    TARGET BY 2030

    Rotho will commit to reaching net-zero by 2050.