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Collection: Laundry baskets

Embark on the Quest for the Perfect Laundry Vessel

Navigating the seas of laundry options—from bags to baskets and collectors—Rotho unveils an extensive array. The epitome of a laundry vessel combines durability, portability, and ample space, all wrapped in an affordable package. Rotho extends an abundant selection of laundry solutions, promising a harmonious fit for every need.


Decoding the Optimal Laundry Vessel

Laundry, a cyclical symphony of wear, sort, wash, and iron, beckons a methodical system. A stellar laundry collector embodies practicality, durability, and streamlined routines. Amidst an ocean of options, how does one chart the course to the perfect laundry vessel?


Championing Durability

The odyssey toward the perfect laundry collector may seem labyrinthine, but resilience emerges as the compass post-choice. Material, whether bamboo, fabric, or plastic, must don the armor of top-tier quality for sustained use. Rotho pledges allegiance to plastic for its enduring nature, facile cleaning, and kaleidoscopic versatility in color, design, and form.


Advocating for Plastic Laundry Vessels

Dirty laundry, a potential haven for bacteria and viruses, casts the spotlight on hygiene. Plastic, the maestro in Rotho's orchestra of vessels, outshines alternatives like bamboo or fabric in the cleanliness sonata. The material orchestrates an easy cleansing melody and provides ample ventilation, especially pivotal for damp clothes and heightened hygiene.


To Lid or Not to Lid?

The decision to shroud or unveil a laundry hamper unfurls as a significant narrative. Lids compose a ballad of visual tidiness and odor containment, while open bins strike a chord of heightened accessibility, a serenade for hands laden with life's myriad burdens.


Showcasing Our Array of Laundry Vessels

Embark on a visual journey through Rotho's online cornucopia, beckoning individuals, couples, or sprawling families. Our laundry vessel repertoire boasts:



The 50L BRISEN laundry collector from Rotho safeguards the sanctity of laundry. Integrated handles extend the invitation for an effortless transport dance, and the lid preserves the purity and aeration of garments.



The COUNTRY laundry collector, cradling 55L, flaunts a space-saving ballet with an openwork rattan ensemble, orchestrating a melody of improved hygiene.



The FLOWERS laundry collector, boasting a 55L symphony, dons a robust plastic overture, a detachable lid, and a decorative floral crescendo, a sonnet to discreet and space-saving laundry collection.


Embark on an odyssey through our complete laundry vessel collection on our website.


Why Rotho?

Swiss Quality and Design

Swiss roots infuse our company, elevating standards to an unbeatable pitch, harmonized by a 20-year guarantee. Sustainability takes center stage, a duet with eco-friendly materials and minimal packaging.


Wide Selection

Navigate the rhythmic cadence of our online sanctuary, resonating with diverse designs, colors, and capacities, be it with or without lids, ensuring a perfect melodic match.


Customer Support

Seeking guidance or yearning for assistance? Our customer service orchestrates a symphony of support for you.


Optimizing Your Laundry Vessel Sonata

Before choosing a laundry vessel, compose the overture of your organizational concerto. Countless options crescendo, with two popular methods:


Room-Specific Crescendos

Ideal for families, each room harmonizes with a laundry vessel, composing a sonnet of minimized clutter. Full vessels conduct a seamless serenade to the laundry.


Multiple Crescendos in One Movement

Placing one or more laundry hampers in a central room, a movement resonating in the bathroom, furnishes a sonnet of quick oversight and a time-saving interlude.


3 Laundry Sorting Melodies


Sort laundry promptly for a time-saving crescendo.

Execute preparatory work during the sorting symphony.

Keep categories minimal for an efficient and harmonious sorting sonnet.

Stay Connected

Sync with the rhythm on Instagram and Facebook for insightful melodies, product sonatas, and exclusive compositions!