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Collection: Take-away

Rotho's On-the-Go Delights: Elevate Your Outdoor Adventures


As the sun graces us with warmer days, relish the beckoning call of outdoor pursuits—games, fun, and sports. Rotho stands ready to escort you into the realm of on-the-go essentials, adorned with practical plastic crockery and convenient take-away boxes, crowned with secure lids. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable journey, whether in your garden retreat or along the sandy shores.


Diverse On-the-Go Marvels


Discover Rotho's tailored plastic crockery, the epitome of outdoor versatility. Safely stow biscuits in compact boxes or nestle sandwiches within dedicated containers. The vigilant lids ensure the unwavering integrity of your culinary treasures.


Savor the virtues of these pragmatic companions:


Guarded Seclusion: Tailor-made for open-air settings, these take-away comrades act as guardians against external intrusions. The lockable lids ward off dust and moisture, providing a sanctuary for your sweet confections, like cakes.

Enduring Composition: Forged from resilient plastic, these containers exude steadfast stability. Resistant to mechanical stress and temperature fluctuations, they weather the challenges of outdoor escapades with grace.

Functional Aesthetics: Transparency takes center stage, offering a visual gateway into your picnic basket. The robust, flat lids facilitate seamless stacking, enhancing the organizational prowess of these containers.

Versatile Plastic Boxes for Your Next Expedition

Embark on your upcoming journey with an array of options, including the adaptive microwave container—an ally for both heating and transporting your delectables. Spanning capacities from 0.4 to 5 liters, find the perfect receptacle for pancakes, cake slices, or an assortment of fruits. Embrace the versatility of refrigerator boxes and multi-functional fruit containers, seamlessly transitioning between your home and on-the-go escapades. Salad butlers, complete with a designated dressing compartment, stand among an assortment of shapes and sizes, catering to every conceivable need.


Every item boasts dishwasher and food-safe credentials, ensuring unparalleled convenience. The robust locking mechanism on the lids guarantees spill-free travel, even when accommodating liquid foods or beverages. Bask in the warmth of on-the-go meals with Rotho's Thermo Boxes. Revel in the added perk of complimentary shipping for products secured through our online portal.