The focus is on quality

The Rotho company stands for quality at all levels of the process - starting from design, through development, up to production - our awareness of quality is rooted and experienced every day.

We are so convinced of the quality of our products that we offer a unique 20-year guarantee on almost all of our products.


Our products are all developed in Switzerland and have won some of the most prestigious design awards in the past. The customer and his needs are at the center of all our development.

We want to support people in their daily lives in the long term and offer products that convince with functionality and quality.

For this reason, we are particularly interested in customer-oriented solutions, the sensible use of raw materials and timeless design.

In fact, our products do not want to stand out just for the sake of standing out, but they want to convince, thanks to the quality and customer assistance over the years, and pleasure.


Swissness "Swiss origin" and quality are one. That's why Swissness is an attitude that all our employees embody.

Even if a product is manufactured in a factory outside of Switzerland, we do so with the same quality awareness and using the same raw materials.

Swiss roots and global perspective shape our culture. This is the heart of our success in Switzerland and abroad.

No pollutants and sustainable raw materials

For us, it is a fundamental priority to sustainably protect and preserve the environment and raw materials. This is why we try not to use harmful additives such as PVC and BPA in our products and packaging. We are also increasing the use of recycled plastic. By 2021, 35% of our products will be made from recycled plastic and we plan to double this percentage in the coming years.


Rotho's environmental management system is ISO-14001 certified.

  • Rotho has been ISO 9001 certified since 1996
  • Periodic system, process and production audit.
  • 200 The quality of the elements was transformed into processes.
  • Since January 2011, ISO 14001: 2004


−State-of-the-art production plants and production processes with high quality standards

−High flexibility (4-shift model)

−Highly qualified and long-standing employees


How can I proceed in the event of a warranty request?

As a buyer (consumer), have you purchased a Rotho product with a 20-year guarantee and do you need to enforce the guarantee?

In this case, the manufacturer's warranty (durability guarantee) will be assumed if the defect is reported to us immediately after discovery by the buyer.

In this case, please send a description of the defect (possibly accompanied by photos), a copy of the purchase receipt and your contact details to: guarantee@ro

or by post to:

Rotho Kunststoff AG


Industriestrasse Althau 11

CH-5303 Würenlingen


Unpaid or insufficiently stamped parcels will not be accepted. Costs incurred (e.g. postage and packaging costs) for returns not agreed upon will NOT be refunded. Rotho assumes no obligation to retain or return unsolicited, misdirected parcels or parcels and consignments with missing or insufficient address information. Our staff will examine the case and send the replacement product if the complaint is justified. For detailed warranty conditions, please see the following warranty statement.

Warranty statement

Our products marked with the "20 year guarantee" are made with the utmost care and precision. Products or individual parts that present defects in material, manufacturing or operation will be replaced by us within the warranty period of 20 years from the date of purchase. If the products in question are no longer marketed, Rotho will replace them by supplying similar or equivalent products.

1.The warranty period applies only to consumer purchases and deliveries and is 20 years. The warranty period begins at the time of purchase of the product by the consumer. Rotho, as a manufacturer, provides a guarantee to the Consumer for the products it produces during the guarantee period against defects in design, manufacturing, workmanship and material in accordance with the following provisions.

Important: This manufacturer's or lifetime warranty expressly applies in addition to and as a function of the seller's legal and/or contractual warranty. However, it is excluded if the buyer makes a claim against the seller for the same defect on the basis of a legal or contractual guarantee.

This warranty therefore does not affect the buyer's warranty rights against the seller.

A refund of the purchase price is only possible with the seller.

2.The durability guarantee applies only to products used by the buyer as intended, used correctly and cared for appropriately.

The following are not covered by the durability guarantee: Damage due to excessive use and use other than intended, in particular failure to comply with the Rotho specifications shown on the label.

The guarantee promise is subject to Swiss substantive law excluding the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (Vienna Sales Convention).