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Blender Jug 1.5L l FRESH

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Color : LIME green

Mixing Jug 1.5L l FRESH

The mixing jug is a real all-rounder as it effortlessly transitions between measuring and blending, offering a seamless experience for your everyday culinary endeavors. It features a simple design and practical size, a perfect fit for your daily routine. No more compromises - enjoy your desired combinations whenever and wherever with ease.

Individual cup for versatile use

Choose from four distinct openings to customize your pouring experience – keep ice and lemon in the jug while only the refreshing drink graces your glass.

Product Features:

  • Measuring and mixing jug made of high-quality plastic (PP), BPA-free
  • Versatile use: e.g. for baking, cooking, pureeing or as a jug
  • Large beaker with handle and measurements
  • Two-part lid with splash guard ring, filter and spout
  • 1.5L capacity
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in Switzerland
Item number: 1032205070WS