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Measuring Cup 1L l TOPLINE

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Color : Transparent

Measuring Cup 1L l TOPLINE

Why eyeball the ingredients when you can rely on the precision of a TOPLINE measuring cup? These practical kitchen helpers ensure the success of your favourite recipes.

  • Transparent measuring cup
  • Printed measuring scale
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Dishwasher-safe and food-safe
  • Robust brand quality

Advantages and Possible Uses

The alluring aroma of freshly baked cakes, waffles, or muffins evokes memories and guarantees a good mood. To ensure the success of these delights, it's best not to improvise when measuring ingredients. Following the recipe specifications, utilize the transparent TOPLINE measuring cup to measure liquids like milk, water, or fruit juice precisely. With its easy-to-read scale, baking becomes child's play, allowing you to involve your children in preparing ingredients while teaching them about units of measurement. The ergonomic design ensures a spill-free experience. After baking, this measuring cup goes straight into the dishwasher, giving you time to tidy up your kitchen.

Product Attributes

The transparent TOPLINE measuring jug with a 1L capacity is made of easy-care, dishwasher-safe polypropylene plastic - durable and shatterproof. The material is food-safe and free from harmful substances like BPA. The ergonomic design ensures the measuring cup sits comfortably in your hand while pouring. The printed scale is readable in 100ml increments. The TOPLINE measuring cup is also available in a 0.5L size. Use it to create a delightful baking experience!

Item number: 1701410624WS