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Storage Box System with Drawers DIN A5, 70L l QUADRIX

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Storage Box System with Drawers DIN A5, 70L l QUADRIX

The QUADRIX drawer system from Rotho is essential for the practical storage of small items. These versatile and stackable drawers offer a convenient solution for keeping your space organized.

  • Din A5
  • 260 x 200 x 230 mm (LxWxH)
  • Stackable
  • Simple organization system
  • Sturdy brand quality

Advantages and Possible Uses

Storing small items can be a challenge, but the QUADRIX storage box system makes it a breeze. Whether small craft and work utensils or desk accessories, the DIN A5-sized drawers provide a tidy solution. Perfect for children's rooms, these drawers keep Lego, pens, figures, and more in an organized manner. Children enjoy tidying up when they can easily locate their treasures. The QUADRIX drawer system finds its place in various settings, including the kitchen, cellar, garage, office, or workshop.

Product Attributes

The QUADRIX drawer system is available not only in A5 size with three drawers but also in A6 size with four drawers. Rotho designed these drawers for easy combination and stacking according to your needs. The system is robust, easy to clean, and meets food safety and allergy-friendly standards.

With a 125-year legacy, Rotho continues to innovate in storage and organization systems. Specializing in practical utensils, the Swiss company responds to customer requirements, offering stacking systems like the QUADRIX storage system and environmentally friendly boxes with 70 litres of storage space.

Item number: 1797700096WS