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TIMELESS office chest of drawers with 5 drawers

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Color : Anthracite

TIMELESS office drawer 5 A4 drawers | External dimensions: 345 x 290 x 320 mm | Chest of drawers with 5 drawers


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Desk messers can now sit back and relax: The filing systems from the TIMELESS line help you tame the tide of banknotes. Even the boss was amazed!

  • High quality plastic chest of drawers
  • 5 drawers with removable protection
  • For A4 format documents
  • Practical labeling option
  • Swiss brand quality

Disadvantages and possibilities of use

Messy piles of paper on your desk don't just leave a bad impression on colleagues and clients. When chaos reigns, we work less concentrated and, in the worst case scenario, we lose important documents. Yet it can be surprisingly easy to create order in the workplace: With its 5 drawers, the TIMELESS office box offers an elegant and above all efficient organization system. With the help of the 5 compartments you can sort your documents , store them clearly and always have them at hand. Thanks to the interchangeable labeling fields you and your colleagues always know what's in the drawers. Even within your own four walls, the office box is a welcome aid for keeping everyday paper chaos under control.

Product attributes

The TIMELESS office box is made of durable and easy-care plastic. Contains 5 drawers protected by a concealed closure . The drawers offer ample space for letters, receipts and documents, but also for loose-leaf binders or display folders in A4 format (320 x 240 x 40 mm LxWxH). The replaceable labeling fields on the drawers offer a clear overview and allow documents to be stored permanently: the office box has a folder height and therefore finds space not only on the desk but also in cupboards. The rubber feet ensure a non-slip footing of the chest of drawers and prevent scratches on sensitive surfaces. Save time and energy with a tidy workplace!

Item number: 1113208853WS