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Twin Drawe Box l FRONTBOX

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Twin Drawe Box l FRONTBOX

Create an instant order with Rotho's FRONTBOX - your versatile solution for efficient storage. The A4 size makes it a practical all-rounder suitable for various storage needs. Its transparent design adds a touch of simplicity and practicality to your organization.

  • Choose between a single or double-drawer option
  • Transparent drawers with recessed grip for easy access
  • Stackable to meet your space requirements
  • Versatile use for items ranging from make-up and toys to office documents
  • Sturdy Swiss brand quality for reliability

Advantages and Possible Uses

From make-up essentials to toys, screws, magazines, or office documents, the FRONTBOXtwin drawer box offers an ideal storage solution for a variety of items. Whether it's used by children in playrooms or adults in offices, cellars, hobby rooms, or workshops, the FRONTBOX twin drawer box ensures effective organization. The transparent front provides immediate visibility, eliminating the need for searching. With FRONTBOX twin drawer box, tidying up becomes enjoyable, and clutter becomes a thing of the past.

Product Attributes

The unique body shape allows flexible stacking, meeting your storage needs. The reinforced recessed grip ensures a secure hold, even when fully loaded. Rotho's storage box is allergy-friendly, food-safe, easy to clean, and built to withstand the test of time.

Item number: 1767300096WS