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Laundry Basket 50L| FLOWERS

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Color : Anthracite

Laundry Basket 50L| FLOWERS

The FLOWERS laundry basket not only makes it simple to gather and move dirty clothes, but it also works well as a general-purpose household basket for sorting or shopping.

  • Sturdy laundry basket made of durable plastic
  • Rounded contours for an elegant touch
  • Equipped with comfortable carrying handles
  • Adorned with an attractive floral design
  • Durable and reliable

Advantages and Possible Uses

Are you tired of the monotony of laundry chores? The FLOWERS laundry basket brings a fresh perspective with its decorative floral look. It simplifies routine tasks and stands out with its eye-catching design. The ergonomically shaped carrying handles make transporting wet laundry a breeze. The rattan-like floral pattern promotes air circulation to prevent mildew and extends its utility beyond the laundry room. Whether storing bathroom essentials or acting as a sturdy shopping companion, the Rotho FLOWERS basket is a versatile addition to your household.

Product Attributes

Available in 25 or 50 litres, the FLOWERS laundry basket is a true multitasker. It is made from non-toxic plastic. It's practical and stylish, with rounded contours and two comfortable carrying handles. When not in use, these baskets stack compactly. Rotho's commitment to quality is reflected in a twenty-year durability guarantee, offering you reliability and value for money.

Item number: 1756708853WS