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1.2 l EVO EASY container

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Color : Transparent

Storage box 1.2 l EVO EASY from Rotho enables space-saving storage

With this accessory, you can store water and dirt in the basement or in the gazebo. Arrange your belongings with a crystal-clear overview. You can also keep track of things in the household when shoeshine or cleaning agents as well as tools or cables can be stowed compactly in this Rotho article.

First-class advantages when using EVO EASY boxes

Rotho gives you pragmatic boxes with a volume of 1.2 liters. These accessories form the basis for a clear order in the household and in the office. Being food safe and dishwasher safe gives you some flexibility in use and cleaning. Predestined for the storage of food and other ingredients, you can create a patent solution for everyday kitchen life with the Rotho boxes. Benefit from these functional accessories:

  • Material - The products are made of plastic and present themselves to you as a robust frame in any situation. The product passes endurance tests and also promotes safe transport.
  • Stackability - You have two options to really save space. On the one hand, these products reveal a simple form of exhausting any vertical storage space. You can also purchase the matching lid. On the other hand, the Rotho Box also allows several empty items to be stacked on top of each other.
  • Transparency - Orientate yourself thanks to the view into your box. Even with different content, this can be recognized immediately.
Item number: 1014700096WS