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12 l LONA container

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Color : Transparent

LONA storage box | Transparent storage box with lid

With these organizers you will always have a clear view: The storage boxes of the LONA line, with their simple and elegant design, give objects lying around a permanent, dust-free place in the home, without hiding them completely opaquely.

Benefits and uses

Where to put all the beautiful and useful things in the house when they are not needed? And what to do with all the little things, like sewing utensils or screws, that are always moved from left to right and lying loose in the closet?

Intelligent organization systems, such as the LONA line storage boxes, make it much easier to store everyday objects or clothes in an elegant and practical way. The transparent box gratefully welcomes what lies elsewhere or which overflows shops and drawers. Sports equipment, crafts or toys don't have to get dusty or become a trip hazard. In the transparent LONA box you can always keep an eye on the stored items and save yourself a long search.

Product attributes

The LONA container from is sealable with its lid and reliably protects stored items from dust and moisture. Highly transparent plastic with a simple and elegant design creates an ideal bridge between functionality and aesthetics. The storage boxes of the LONA line are available in different coordinated sizes and can therefore be combined as desired to create an organizational system. Declare war on the chaos within your walls!

  • Transparent plastic storage box
  • with lid tightly closed
  • simply elegant design
  • products without pollutants and saving resources

Rotho Space Planner

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