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30 l EVO EASY container

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Color : Transparent

The 30 l EVO EASY storage box from Rotho

The 30 l EVO EASY box from Rotho is of the quality that you know and are used to from Rotho. With a capacity of 30 liters, the box from the EVO EASY series offers plenty of space. The advantage of a box of this size is that it can store a lot and, above all, a wide variety of things. To save space, the boxes, which have a lid, can be stacked on top of each other. You can also purchase the matching lid. Likewise, unused boxes can be stacked inside each other. You can also easily complement the 30 l EVO EASY box with others from the same series.

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The plastic is of course free of BPA and pollutants and food-safe, which also speaks for a harmless use in the children's room, for example. Everything from documents to clothing and shoes to toys can be stored in the boxes. Provided with the lid, which can also be purchased here, the contents are protected from dirt and contamination.

Item number: 1007200096WS