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45 l ALBRIS container

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Color : Blue Horizon

"Albris" storage box

Can a plastic box be practical and beautiful at the same time? Yes absolutely! We proved that with the Albris line at the latest. The box appears very light due to the transparent walls and the contents can be seen at any time, the frame is available in different colors and is very robust. The innovative storage box is an all-rounder - it is stackable and can also be stacked one inside the other to save space when not in use.

Matching the box, there are lids with different functions to choose from, which enables versatile use throughout the house. So that everyone can find the perfect lid, we offer you 5 different lids, which are available separately. Whether books, office supplies, decorative items or toys: our range has the right box with lid for everything.

Product Information:

- With transparent walls

- Sturdy frame for safe carrying

- Base made from 100% recycled plastic (PP)

- Easy to clean

- Safely stackable when filled, stackable when empty (can be nested)

Item number: 1042906161WS