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Storage Box 5L l ECO LOUNGE

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Color : Blue

Storage Box 5L l ECO LOUNGE

Made from over 98% recycled plastic

Advantages and Possible Uses

This all-purpose box is available in three different sizes, offering a stylish and practical way to organise odds and ends in your space.

The modern and simple design makes it a real eye-catcher, simultaneously adding decorative colour accents .

The decorative box is made from high-quality recycled plastic.

The two high-quality carrying handles ensure comfortable and injury-free transportation.

Ideal for various applications, these boxes find a home in the children's room for toys and books, the office for pens and hobby supplies, the bedroom for clothes, or the living room for magazines and more. With different sizes available, you'll find the perfect box for every purpose.

Product Attributes

  • Made from high-quality, recycled plastic (PP)
  • BPA-free
  • Suitable as a simple storage box for the whole household
  • Robust and easy to clean box
  • Two convenient handles for easy transport
  • Made in Switzerland

The ECO recycling line embodies Rotho's commitment to sustainability. It's not a trend for Rotho, but one of our basic principles. When we launched our first series of products made from recycled material in 2009, we were still a pioneer. Times have changed; today, Rotho can count on customers' interest in sustainability. That is why we are taking the next step with the ECO line. A line that is produced from recycled plastic, in a climate-friendly way and is itself recyclable. Beyond being an environmentally conscious choice, the ECO line proves that ecological products can be aesthetically pleasing.

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