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Box With Design Lid 45L l ALBRIS

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Color : White

Box With Design Lid 45L l ALBRIS

Can a plastic box be practical and visually appealing simultaneously? Yes, absolutely! We have proven this with our latest range, ALBRIS. These transparent boxes with robust frames showcase a unique design that allows you to keep track of your contents effortlessly. The Albris range offers versatility with its stackable and nestable design, making it a space-saving solution when not in use.

Matching lids with various functions are available, enabling flexible use throughout your home. Whether it’s books, office supplies, decorative items or toys, the Albris range has the perfect box with a lid for every purpose.

Product Features:

- Box with world map design, ideal for children who love to explore

-Transparent walls for easy visibility

- Robust frame for safe carrying

- Lid and base made from 100% recycled plastic (PP)

- Easy to clean

-Can be stacked inside or on top of each other(nestable)

Item number: 1045201100VB2