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Rectangular food container. dish 1 l RONDO

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Rotho RONDO | transparent fridge box with lid

Tidying up the kitchen saves time, energy and nerves. Say goodbye to torn food packaging and odors in the refrigerator - with the help of the practical storage and freshness containers from the RONDO line!

  • Spacious food storage box
  • Lid with large tab
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Temperature resistant up to -20° C
  • Swiss brand quality

Advantages and uses

The RONDO food storage box is a real all-rounder: Not only can you conveniently store grapes or crackers in the 0.07 to 8.0 liter jars, but you can also store food scraps or entire meals in them. Thanks to the airtight lid, the can serves both as a ; freshness can ; which gives ; practical container for transport . Optionally, you can use the box to freeze food . This way you will have a versatile kitchen aid that will not only serve you at home, but will also accompany you in the office, on picnics or at parties. Thanks to the transparent material, you always have a good view of the contents. After use, simply wash the container in the dishwasher.

Product attributes

The RONDO food container is made of transparent plastic. With the matching lid, it is air and water sealable , so as to prevent odors from escaping and optimally protect stored food. Thanks to the large recessed grip , opening and closing the lid is a breeze. The robust material is resistant to temperatures down to -20°C and can be washed in the dishwasher without worrying about warping. Of course, the plastic used is free from dangerous substances such as BPA . The fridge cans of the RONDO series are available in many other sizes and formats, coordinated and therefore conveniently stackable in the kitchen cupboard. Treat yourself to a convenient and aesthetically pleasing organization system for your kitchen!

Item number: 1713906161WS