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Premium container 2 x 0.85 l LOFT

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Color : Transparent / White

Premium stacking container 2x 0.85 l LOFT

Feel free to stack up! The two-storey LOFT food center helps you to store food in the refrigerator in a space-saving and yet clearly arranged way. Chaos and foreign smells don't stand a chance.

Advantages and possible uses

Does your fridge regularly overflow after weekend shopping? Days later the sausage is discolored and the cheese has dried out? No more: the food center offers enough space for perishable foods such as cold cuts, dairy products, fruit or leftovers from your home-cooked meals. Thanks to the two rectangular containers that can be stacked one inside the other, the space in the refrigerator is used optimally without the different smells and flavors being transferred. Thanks to the elevations in the base, condensation is kept away and the food stays fresh and tasty for much longer - and doesn't end up in the garbage after just a few days. The elegant transparent boxes always provide a view and ensure that your provisions are not forgotten

Product Attributes:

  • Noble food center for overview and order in the fridge
  • space saving
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Several containers can be stacked on top of each other
  • Transparent bases offer a view of the contents at all times
  • Aroma-tight thanks to the rubber seal in the lid
  • Raised base keeps condensation away and food stays fresher for longer
Item number: 1050990000WS