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Lid for Storage Boxes l LONA

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Color : Transparent

Lid for Storage Boxes l LONA

The new LONA boxes are designed to simplify the storage and accessibility of your favourite items. Made from high-quality, food-safe, transparent material, it offers a clear view of your belongings. The perfectly coordinated sizes ensure efficient use of space, providing an ideal storage solution for various items, from clothes and shoes to food - all without worrying about creasing, thanks to LONA's thoughtful design.

The separately available lids, designed for each base size, protect your stored items from dust, dirt, moisture, and unwanted odours. The snap-in click lock on the lids ensures the safety of your items during transportation. It facilitates secure stacking of the boxes, maximising your storage space with ease. Convenient, time-saving, uncomplicated, and efficient - the configurator ensures you can optimally organise every corner of your living space to suit your needs.

- High-quality, highly transparent boxes

- Clothes and shoes do not crease

- Perfectly coordinated sizes

- Ideal use of space

- Separately available lids protect against dust, dirt, moisture and unwanted odours

- Simple organisation facilitated by the configurator

Item number: 1037400096WS