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HERA 60 l pedal bin

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Color : Polar white

Rotho HERA pedal bin | 60 liters per bin | Pedal bin with lid mechanism

Do you want to dispose of waste in a hygienic way? The pedal bin from the HERA series from Rotho is used for professional waste disposal and combines functionality with modern aesthetics:
  • Pedal bin with lid mechanism
  • Freehand operation
  • Great pedal
  • For professional use
  • Stable brand quality

Advantages and possible applications

The bins from the HERA pedal bin series are suitable for "non-contact" waste disposal . They ensure perfect hygiene and a customer-friendly environment in public spaces, work environments and private areas. The Rotho waste bin is securely closed with a lid, so that unpleasant odors are prevented. In hospitals, hotels or restaurant kitchens, dispose of waste with a HERA soft-close pedal bin without using your hands. By using universal waste containers, the inadvertent transfer of contamination is avoided. A practical feature is that the pedal can be easily operated even with safety shoes.

Product attributes

The Rotho HERA bin combines modern design and intelligent engineering featuring rubber feet and integrated bag holders. The first-class finish and high-quality plastic ensure a long life of the basket, which measures 39 x 39 x 69 cm (W x D x H). HERA bins can be operated by foot and are equipped with a silent closing mechanism, making them ideal for near-silent waste disposal. To prevent unpleasant odors from forming, the bins are equipped with an overlapping lid that safely traps odors. The smooth plastic from environmentally friendly production ensures stability and easy cleaning. To suit all applications, you will find HERA bins with capacities of 35 and 60 litres.

Demonstrate professionalism also in hygiene and keep your business clean with HERA pedal buckets.

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