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Flat Cake Box incl. Handle l FRESH

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Color : Mistletoe green

Flat Cake Box incl. Handle l FRESH

A good package is half the battle: The convenient containers from the FRESH collection safeguard groceries and baked delights, preserving their freshness and quality. Keeping everything irresistibly fresh and impeccably hygienic.

  • Cake box with lid
  • Closure system with click fasteners
  • Practical carrying handle
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Swiss brand quality

Advantages and Possible Uses

There's always a good reason to bake a cake, be it for a friend's BBQ, your favorite coworker's birthday, or a family picnic. How inconvenient if the painstakingly created decoration is damaged during transit! The FRESH cake box features a secure closure system with click fasteners, ensuring that your cakes and tarts remain intact during transportation. The practical carrying handle adds to the ease of transport, making it an ideal solution for occasions like birthdays, family picnics, or barbecues. This cake box safeguards your sweet treats from drying out, direct sunlight, and unwanted insect visits. The transparent lid allows you to easily identify the contents without opening the box.

Product Attributes

Crafted with your convenience in mind, the FRESH cake tin consists of two parts securely connected by two-click fasteners. The ergonomic carrying handle ensures a comfortable grip during transportation. An internal height of 16cm makes the cake tin suitable for flat cakes, tarts, and similar dishes. Notches at the bottom of the transport box guide you into slicing the cake evenly. The plastic used is not only easy to clean but also dishwasher-safe and free from harmful substances to your body or the environment. With the option to choose from different colours, you can personalise your FRESH cake box. If you're a regular baker, consider getting multiple cake boxes – their stackable design allows for convenient storage.

Item number: 1723905092WS