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FRESH cake holder

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Color : Blue Horizon

Rotho cake transport box Bundt cake with carrying handle

Whether it's for your best friend's birthday, a picnic in the open air or the next family outing: With the variable transport containers from the FRESH product line, you can now take your homemade treats with you to any occasion!

  • Plastic ring cake container
  • securely lockable
  • with a sturdy carrying handle
  • food safe and BPA free
  • suitable for storage and transport

Finally tried your new favorite recipe, the cake turned out perfectly and you want to proudly present your baking success at the next family celebration - and then this: the Gugelhupf didn't survive the transport and the considerable cake feast turned into a single crumb chaos! It is at least as annoying when the freshly baked cake loses its juiciness after a short time because there was simply no airtight way to store it. With the Rotho ring cake container, all these worries are a thing of the past. The FRESH product line focuses on maximum transport comfort and optimum freshness for safe storage of your baked goods that need to be protected.

product attributes

Due to its characteristic shape, the Bundt cake container from the quality brand Rotho is suitable for convenient storage and stress-free transport of your Bundt cake. It is made of transparent plastic and consists of a stable cake plate and the corresponding cover. Both product parts can be securely connected to each other thanks to snap-in click fasteners. A stable carrying handle attached to the cake bell guarantees your cake a comfortable transport. The cake container from the FRESH line is durable, robust and extremely easy to clean. The transport container can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher or by hand, is BPA-free and food-safe. With a weight of 326 g, the Bundt cake container from Rotho proves to be a light yet stable container for storing this special cake. The Rotho brand also sets high standards in terms of the workmanship and quality of the transportable cake dome: the cake container is free of harmful substances and therefore suitable for allergy sufferers, convinces with an appropriate price-performance ratio and a twenty-year durability guarantee on all products in the FRESH line. In addition, with the Rotho cake container Gugelhupf FRESH in blue, you support the environmentally conscious use of sustainable food containers.

Item number: 1721106161WS