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Microwave food tray 1.2l, XL CLEVER

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CLEVER microwave plate from Rotho as a universal solution for the kitchen

Have a flexible approach to foods and sauces. Use the CLEVER microwave plate in your daily kitchen life and also benefit from the three divisions to heat the different ingredients separately. Plus, the plate and lid are dishwasher safe and a smart way to have an effective day in the kitchen. Another functional item without dangerous substances.

Master any kitchen task with the CLEVER microwave plate

Integrate this high-quality product from the Swiss brand into any everyday situation. Use the microwave-safe plate with lid to prepare your future meals. Plus, this plastic item allows you to freeze food scraps just as easily. And for all mobile customers, the CLEVER straightener also offers an easy transport option. Secure the following additional benefits:

  • Easy Cleaning - Plastic is easy to wash. This microwave item's easily accessible curves and round lid allow for a simple rinsing process.
  • Secure Closure - The plastic lid offers a magical combination of reliable closure and easy handling. Use this pragmatic piece of crockery wisely for sauces or gravies - this item is stable and leak-proof.
  • Simple portions - The Rotho XL microwave dish with plastic lid offers wonderful services as a ration for breaks at work or when hiking. You can also portion according to your wishes. Furthermore, several examples of these microwave dishes offer the advantage of being able to plan them for a few days or for an entire week: after having stored them in the refrigerator, you can defrost them and reheat them.

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