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Baskets With Lids Set Square 18L l BRISEN

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Color : Linnea rosa ged.

Baskets With Lids Square 18L l BRISEN

Are you tired of searching for items that never seem to be where you left them? The 16L square BRISEN box from Rotho, combined with our other storage products, will help you maintain a clutter-free home. Whether for documents, decorative pieces, or children's toys, the choice is yours. Its square design seamlessly fits into shelving units from various furniture chains, offering practicality and timeless elegance. With rounded corners for safety and handles for easy transport (on the box without a lid), it's perfect for all ages.

Keeping Things Tidy Has Never Been Easier

As with all Rotho products, these boxes are toxin-free and BPA-free, and made from durable plastic. Cleaning is a breeze with just a damp cloth. Make this essential Rotho item part of your household today.

  • High-quality lid for BRISEN Basket, made of plastic (PP)
  • Ideal for 18L boxes
  • Stackable
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in anthracite
  • BPA-free
  • Manufactured by Rotho
Item number: 1038902089WS