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Waste Bin Set l ALBULA

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Color : Anthracite / Blue
h2>Waste Bin Set l ALBULA

Where is the bulk of waste generated? In the kitchen, of course! So, why do most recycling systems, while functional, look so unsightly that we relegate them to storage cupboards? Our goal was to devise modular recycling bins that wouldn't look out of place in the living spaces of your home, blending practicality with aesthetics. Our waste bins, complete with lids, simplify household refuse storage. Available in various colours, these plastic bins feature a design that allows you to access them easily, while the integrated handles help you transport them without fuss. When it comes to cleaning, simply use washing-up liquid and some water.

Organising your waste has never been easier. The accompanying stickers, which attach to the front of each lid, help you remember what to put where. Crafted from recycled plastic, our ALBULA waste bins boast 25-litre capacities and come equipped with lids that contain nasty odours. Each bin boasts a 25-litre capacity and is equipped with lids to contain odours securely.

Product Features:

- Elegant recycling system with lid

- Two ergonomic handles for effortless carrying

- Includes six distinctive stickers for straightforward waste separation

- Constructed from sturdy recycled plastic, BPA-free

- Space-saving, stackable design

- Offered in a selection of appealing colours

- Manufactured by Rotho

Item number: 1027299999AZ