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Laundry Basket Set 3pc 50L l FLOWERS

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Laundry Basket Set 3pc 50L l FLOWERS

Introducing our stylish FLOWERS Laundry Basket Set, where elegance meets functionality. With their slightly rounded, curved contours and distinctive floral pattern, these baskets elevate the mundane task of laundry. The handles are seamlessly integrated into the design, ensuring a stable and secure grip, so even when fully loaded, the baskets are comfortable to carry and transport. The floral pattern, contrasting coloured handles, and unique rounded shape distinguish the FLOWERS Laundry Basket from ordinary laundry bags, chests, and nets.

As a practical set, these baskets are designed to nest within each other, saving valuable space when stored. Crafted from durable plastic (PP), they promise excellent stability. The floral pattern not only adds to the aesthetic but also ensures proper ventilation for your laundry. The handles facilitate easy transportation.

Product Information:

- Constructed from high-quality, BPA-free plastic (PP)

- Comes in a set of three

- Equipped with 4 handles for effortless carrying

- Nestable for compact storage

- Easy to clean

- Available in various sizes and colours

- Designed with flower-shaped ventilation holes

- Proudly made by Rotho

Item number: 1756790002VB3