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Stacking Boxes A4 Set l DOME JIVE

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Color : Transparent/Mistletoe white

Short on space? No problem!

Our JIVE boxes are sturdy and efficient when it comes to using space. A reversible lid that increases space means that not even a centimetre of space is wasted.Whether it's in the cellar, attic, garage or even in your child's room, these plastic boxes will help you store your odds and ends neatly.

Product Features:

- Stackable storage boxes with lids

- Transparent bases for maximum visibility

- Available in two sizes and a variety of lid colours

- Ideal for storing decorations, cables, toys, camping gear, seasonal items, and more.

- Made from high-quality plastic

The Jive brand is a part of the Rotho Group and provides design-oriented, high-quality, and straightforward products. All Jive products are designed and developed in Switzerland and manufactured with a high level of responsibility towards the environment.

Item number: 6625801023WS