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Set of 3 pcs DOMINO 1.5 l freezer food container

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The size of the cans is ideal

The set of 3 DOMINO 1.5 l freezer cans offered here in the Rotho Shop should not be missing in any family, whether it consists of one person or several people. With this DOMINO set, foods can be frozen correctly and for longer, always remaining fresh. If, for example, you cook for the following week at the weekend or have some food left over, you can freeze it quickly and easily in the set of 3 DOMINO 1.5 l freezer containers. Even freshly harvested fruit and vegetables can be stored in these DOMINO containers in the freezer compartment or refrigerator. So it stays fresh for a long time. The green lid ensures freshness in the kitchen.

Rotho freezer jars are the ideal solution

When the DOMINO freezer jar set is not needed at the moment, it can be stored stacked inside each other in the cupboard. The green color of the lid allows you to quickly find the right lid for these cans. This set can be combined very well with other freezer boxes from the DOMINO series in the Rotho Shop. The lid, here colored green, can be labeled accordingly in the labeled version. So you know exactly what's inside. The set and the other DOMINO jars offered in the Rotho Shop are free of harmful substances and BPA. Furthermore, all DOMINO jars are dishwasher safe.

Item number: 1755410237WS