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Refrigerator Organiser Set 3pc l LOFT

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Refrigerator Organiser Set 3pc l LOFT

The LOFT Refrigerator Organiser Set is a practical, versatile, and hygienic solution for keeping your fridge tidy. This set includes organisers of three sizes: 1 x 1.6L, 1 x 3.1L, and 1 x 5L, each infused with a non-washable, lifelong additive that offers 99% protection against harmful bacteria.

Designed to fit all types of refrigerators, these organisers are robust and scratch-resistant, enabling you to efficiently use space and keep your food items, whether yoghurt, cream, or pasta sauces, in clear view. These durable containers are not limited to refrigeration but also bring organised structure to kitchen cupboards or drawers.

Their sturdy, scratch-resistant nature provides an optimal overview of your fridge's contents. The LOFT organiser's design allows for easy placement on any glass shelf, maximising available space and ensuring optimal air circulation. The transparent plastic construction lets you quickly see what's inside, while the ergonomically shaped handle ensures ease of use. You can even label your organiser for a more streamlined overview. Equipped with a special additive for lifelong bacterial protection, the LOFT refrigerator organiser is an essential kitchen companion for a cleaner, more organised fridge.

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