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Fridge Storage Containers 3pc Set l ECO

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Color : Mistletoe green

Fridge Storage Containers 3pc Set l ECO

Our kitchen range now embraces recycled plastic, offering an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional plastic containers. These freshness boxes are perfect for everyday use in the kitchen, allowing for hygienic and tidy food storage in the fridge.

Freshness at Home and On-the-Go

These containers, available in various sizes, are not just for home use. They're also perfect for transporting meals to work, thanks to their airtight clip closures that prevent odour leakage. Crafted with exceptional quality, both the plastic containers and their closures are designed to last.

Product Features:

- Suitable for a variety of foods
- Transparent lid for easy content visibility
- Made from high-quality, recycled polypropylene (PP)
- BPA-free and food-safe, offering an eco-conscious storage solution
- Durable material, resistant to scratches during cleaning
- Maintains shape and structure, even after dishwashing
- Enhances shelf life and flavour preservation
- Available in several sizes and appealing colours
- Manufactured in Switzerland

Item number: 104383940GVB3