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Food Storage Container Set 4pc 0.15L l RONDO

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Color : Lime green

Food Storage Container Set 4pc 0.15L l RONDO

Transform your kitchen with our practical range of food storage containers.

  • Spacious containers for food storage
  • Lids feature large flaps for easy access
  • Dishwasher-safe for convenient cleaning
  • Temperature-resistant up to -20°C
  • Swiss brand quality assurance

Advantages and Uses

Our RONDO Food Storage Containers are true kitchen essentials. They range in size from 0.07 to 8.0 litres, making them perfect for storing everything from grapes and crackers to leftovers and full meals. The secure-fitting lids ensure they can double as food storage and transport containers or even be used for freezing food.

Product Features:

The RONDO Food Storage Containers are made from transparent plastic and come with lids that seal airtight and watertight, preventing odour escape and ensuring optimal food protection. The lids' large recessed grips facilitate easy opening and closing. The durable material is resistant to temperatures as low as -20°C and remains deformation-free through dishwasher cycles. The plastic is free from BPA and other harmful substances. Available in various sizes and formats, RONDO containers are designed to be stackable for efficient storage, offering a convenient and visually appealing organization system for your kitchen.

Item number: 1727705073WS