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Container Set x 4 l CAUMA

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Color : Transparent

Container Set x 4 l CAUMA

The set contains:

2 x 1053201100WS Container 1.2L l CAUMA
1 x 1053301100WS Container 2.15L l CAUMA
1 x 1053801100WS Container 4.65L l CAUMA

Effortlessly maintain order in your fridge with our well-thought-out products from the CAUMA line. You can combine the three sizes in the set seamlessly, creating a compact and space-optimised system.

The transparent bottom lets you keep track of the contents effortlessly, eliminating endless searches and saving valuable time. The 180° reversible lid provides flexibility for additional space or perfect stackability when inverted. The box also features a removable insert with drainage holes, ensuring liquids are effectively drained away, enhancing food protection, and extending freshness.

The versatility of the three sizes in the set caters to various storage needs. Our set provides a designated space for everything: fruits, vegetables, sweets, or homemade dishes.

Reform your kitchen organisation with a modern and trendy flair, turning your fridge into an eye-catching centrepiece for everyone to admire.

Product Features:

  • Consists of a transparent base, multi-purpose lid, and removable insert
  • No unpleasant odours
  • Reversible lid with ergonomic handle
  • Safe for use at temperatures as low as -20 ℃
  • Dishwasher-safe
Item number: 105323801100VB4