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Dynamic Container Set | FRESH

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Color : LIME green

Dynamic Container Set | FRESH

The Dynamic Container Set ensures an end to food waste with a comprehensive collection, including:

1 x Dynamic Container l FRESH
1 x Dynamic Container l FRESH
1 x Pads l FRESH

Our innovative dynamic containers control oxygen access to the food while efficiently allowing carbon dioxide to escape. The basket in the containers minimises damage and injuries, providing the best conditions for your fruits and vegetables. The filter system adsorbs ethylene gas, while the honeycomb structure and ventilation opening in the lid create an optimal moisture environment—additionally, the Fresh Pads act as a professional aid in extending the shelf life of food. Placed at the bottom of any Rotho container, they significantly reduce food waste by minimising condensation, moisture, mould growth, and unpleasant odours. This ensures your food stays fresh for an extended period.

Item number: 1025705070VB3