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Laundry Starter Set

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Color : Anthracite

Laundry Starter Set

Transform the chore of doing laundry into an enjoyable experience with our laundry starter set. This set includes:

1 x Laundry Basket 41L l BRISEN
1 x Laundry Basket 50L l BRISEN
1 x Detergent Container 6L l ALBULA

The two BRISEN laundry baskets are generously sized to handle a full machine load, and their lightweight yet sturdy construction ensures you can carry even the heaviest loads with ease. The products maintain their structural integrity even when fully loaded with wet laundry. The four handles on the cross and long sides allow versatile carrying options, including one-handed transport.

The ALBULA detergent dispenser offers ample space for your detergent or dishwasher powder. Beyond providing storage, it reliably shields the washing powder from moisture, preventing clumping, and facilitates easy dispensing during each use.

Item number: 1023578853VB3