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Office Starter Set 3pc l TIMELESS

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The TIMELESS Office Starter Set

The TIMELESS office starter set introduces essential organising accessories to bring order to your documents and desk.

The set includes:

1 x office boy, perfect for neatly organising pens and office supplies

1 x magazine rack, designed for orderly document filing

1 x form tray, ideal for paper storage

The TIMELESS Office Boy, efficiently declutter your desks, and features nine compartments for storing a variety of items, from pinboard needles and paper clips to pens, scissors, business cards, and even your smartphone.

The TIMELESS Magazine Rack accommodates magazines and loose A4 materials, making them readily accessible. Its large opening allows for an easy overview of contents, offering an elegant and modern design suitable for desks, shelves, or cupboard storage.

The TIMELESS Form Tray sorts incoming mail, urgent documents, printer paper, folders, and other vital office tools. They can be stacked either vertically or angled for convenience.

This set isn't just for the office; it also brings a harmonious sense of organisation to your home, eliminating the frustration of desk clutter.

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